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Alec Bradley

Alec Bradley

Alec Bradley cigars was founded in 1996 by Alan Rubin with the goal of creating world class cigars in an already flooded cigar boom market. The cigar buyers took notice when his first introduction, Occidental Reserve was released and then followed by Trilogy and Maxx. By 2007, Alec Bradley cigars was being talked about across the spectrum, when Tempus was released and proved Alec Bradley to be a top competitor. After the fantastic success of Tempus, which is Latin for time, Alec Bradley did not sit back and enjoy the results but pushed ahead. Today, with such releases as Tempus, Tempus Maduro, Black Market and others, Alec Bradley cigars has proven they have what it takes to satisfy any palate.

Cigar aficionados have any number of reasons to smoke. Whether it’s celebrating a special occasion, enjoying a morning round of golf, or simply because they love the smell and flavor of a good cigar, several smokers turn to Alec Bradley Cigars. What once started as a man with a vision, has no turned into one of the finest cigar brands in the world, offering 60 ring guage cigars at a very affordable price. While the market for cigars is swamped with brands around the world, the quality of tobacco in the various brands of Alec Bradley is a cut above the rest.

American Classic Blend

As with any brand of cigars, Alec Bradley certainly has a cigar blend favorite in the US today. The American Classic Blend is manufactured in Esteli and Nicaragua and features a Honduras Connecticut wrapper. The binder is the finest in Nicaragua, while the filler comes from both Esteli and Condega. Not to be misjudged by its name, the American Classic Blend has been an Alec Bradley staple for years.

Black Market Cigars

While the name might imply something of a shady practice, the Black Market cigar is actually named after its unique flavor and aroma, which are hard to find from other manufacturers, and desired by cigar smokers around the world. Manufactured in Danli and Honduras, the wrapper is created in Nicaragua, while the binder is from Sumatra. The filler features the finest tobacco from both Panama and Honduras. Getting your hands on these cigars is rare and prized, so savor them once you do.

Maxx Cigars

If you truly enjoy savoring the scent of your cigar while it’s either in your humidor or in your mouth, then the Maxx blend is a powerful scent that will leave you begging for more. Manufactured in Danli and Honduras, the filler is one of a kind. It combines the filler of four countries; Colombia, Nicaragua, Mexico and Honduras, which will leaving you loving every puff that you take from this cigar. The wrapper is blend of Nicaraguan Habano, while the binder has actually been sent to Costa Rica. The Maxx cigar is a recent expansion of Alec Bradley, and has received rave reviews around the world.

Prensado Cigars

The Prensado cigar’s wrapper blend from Trojes and Honduras gives it the flavor and aroma that cigar lovers around the world have become accustomed to. A simple taste of the Prensado, and you’ll find yourself not wanting to smoke any other brand than Alec Bradley. It’s one of the most popular cigars in the entire line that’s available, and for good reason. Manufactured in Danli and Honduras, you can find sophistication and smoothness from the moment you cut this cigar open.

Tempus Cigars

The Alec Bradley Prensado certainly hasn’t received the acclaim that it deserves. Considered to be Alec Bradley’s best kept secret, the blend of the wrapper, binder, and filler are all made in Trojes and Honduras, with a little bit of help from Nicaragua on the filler. This unique consistency across all the elements of the cigar makes it one of the smoothest cigars you’ll ever lay you nose and mouth on. Manufactured in Danli and Honduras, the Tempus is an award winner in its own right, and if you’ve never given it a try, as an Alec Bradley fan, you’re missing out.

With more than 13 active lines of famous cigars from Alec Bradley, it’s expected that several more will be released. What was once merely a dream by a man named Alan Rubin in the mid 90’s has now become a passion that’s shared with a small office located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Not to be left out, Alec Bradley knows that preserving your fine cigars is going to be of the utmost importance, and has the perfect humidification tools to be used by both retailers and individual smokers. Humidors are not something to be taken lightly, especially when you’re dealing with such a valuable cigar as Alec Bradley, which is why they have recommended humidifier support for their own lines, as well as accommodations for both large and small humidifying units.

It’s no coincidence that the Alec Bradley line of cigars has grown exponentially since their initial release. Ask any admirer of a real cigar if they know the name, and you’ll see mouths water and eyes light up. Alec Bradley cigars have been changing how cigar aficionados have been thinking about their favorite cigars for quite some time. Taking the opportunity to make sure that you get to admire and savor every single line from Alec Bradley is going to be crucial to you fully enjoying what the name stands for.